FanWorks 2023 Events


Art & Crafting Track

Zines 101

Ever wanted to create a zine? Resources and ideas to get started with making everything from a xeroxed one-pager to a free PDF to a professionally printed and bound anthology zine.

Itty Bitty Fannish Squee: Miniatures

Let's discover the world of fan inspired miniatures together, from book nooks to huge dioramas. We'll also talk about resources, how to get started, and the joys of finding a new fannish outlet.

Craft Together

Join us on Zoom for a casual afternoon craft together session! Whether you're looking to socialize or just want some company in the background as you write / craft / work, this is a low-key way to ease into the con weekend.
Community Track

Future of FanWorks Discussion

Join us for an open discussion of the FanWorks con: what went into our decision to go virtual this year, what we (and you) would like the con to look like next year, and ongoing goals for the future of FanWorks in virtual and in-person spaces.
Writing Track

Exquisite Corpse

Let's collaborate to create short fiction using the exquisite corpse technique. No familiarity needed!

t4t: trans fic by and for trans friends

acernor, roland, and soph talk about creating fic about trans characters in community.

Ass in Jeopardy

Top/Bottom discourse got you down? Or perhaps you're not sure you've fully considered your character's circumstances in making this most important of decisions: whose dick goes in whose ass? Worry not: we have the solution! Join us for a quiz show where you'll learn to recognize why no one should top, no one should bottom, and why others are wrong to write either!
General Track

FanWorks 2023 Wrap-Up

Join us for a short closing panel to wrap up this year's virtual con.

Track Chats

Want to chat about fanworks? Come to Track Chats! Each con track (art, audio, community, writing, and video) will have its own breakout room for on-topic discussion; you can pick which room you'd like to join.
Video Track

Your Vid Tech Questions: Answered

Does something about vidding tech constantly confuse? Are you confounded by codecs? Frustrated by frame rates? Haunted by HDR? AbsoluteDestiny will answer as many questions as possible to help you through your vid tech blues.

Morning Events


A relaxed-fit team-based trivia game about fandom and fandoms. Teams are chosen at random and sent to breakout rooms to answer thrilling questions. No prizes, just kudos.

Evening Events


Join us for a Zoom-based game of fannish Pictionary!

Cocktail Hour

Bring along your cocktails – or teas, or sodas, or whatever you like – for a Friday evening con social!