2023 Variations: It Surrounds You

A part-submitted, part-curated vidshow on the theme: "A house, a hotel, a car, a spaceship, a kitchen, an office, a battlefield, a forest, an ocean, a city, a galaxy – vids about places, settings, environments. You can focus on the setting itself, how people relate to it, how it brings together or divides a community, any aspect you want."

vj: Staff

# Title Vidder Fandom Audio Duration URL
1 Same As It Ever Was marahsarie Silo Once in a Lifetime by The Talking Heads 00:03:26 link
We do not know why we are here. We do not know who built the silo. We do not know why everything outside the silo is as it is. (And you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?)
Content notes:
Major character death
2 Hello Merry Stargate Atlantis Hello by Poe 00:02:52 link
SGA in the wild dark yonder.
Content notes:
I am submitting for someone else and no content notes are available
3 Rain in Derry Periru3 It (Novel, Miniseries, and Films) Rain in Soho by The Mountain Goats 00:04:24 link
Haunt (noun): a feeding place for animals
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Fast cuts and flashing lights) , Major character death , Child harm , Self harm , Suicide , Depictions of bigotry, hate crimes, and systemic oppression (Racism and homophobia)
4 Suspirium ohvienna and hollywoodgrrl The Haunting of Hill House Suspirium by Thom Yorke 00:03:27 link
You were right. We have been in this room, so many times and we didn't know. All of us.
Content notes:
Major character death , Suicide , Alcohol or drug use
5 The Art of Self Destruction Trelkez The Shining The Art of Self Destruction, Part One by Nine Inch Nails 00:04:03 link
I am the voice inside your head.
Content notes:
Graphic violence , Physical triggers (Rapid, stuttering cuts in the last minute) , Child harm
Additional content notes:
Domestic violence, child in peril, blood, dead bodies, psychological breakdown, nudity.
6 I Think We're Alone Now sweetestdrain 2001: A Space Odyssey I Think We're Alone Now by Tiffany 00:03:23 link
A bicycle built for two.
Content notes:
Choose not to give content notes
7 Cigarette Ahegao Dayln Severance Cigarette Ahegao by Penelope Scott 00:02:22 link
"in my defense i wasn't supposed to be around this long"
Content notes:
Suicide , Self harm
8 Black Out Days hollywoodgrrl A Streetcar Named Desire Black Out Days by Phantogram 00:03:53
I don't recognize you anymore.
Content notes:
Sexual violence , Alcohol or drug use
9 Storm sandalwoodbox The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Storm by Cole Rolland, Angel Vivaldi, Kristina Schiano 00:03:27 link
Mordor wasn't always that way...
Content notes:
Physical triggers (rapid cuts, sudden very bright light, rapid movement) , Graphic violence , Animal harm , Child harm , Alcohol or drug use , Self harm
Additional content notes:
Forced labor
10 Break The Night With Color Eunice Doctor Who (2006) Break The Night With Color by Richard Ashcroft 00:03:59 link
The beauty that surrounds you.
Content notes:
I am submitting for someone else and no content notes are available
11 Deep Wild Vivafringe Multi Deep & Wild by The Sweeplings 00:03:34 link
The quiet joy of nature.
12 Head Above Water VielMouse Unreal (Video Game) Head Above Water by Avril Lavigne 00:01:08 link
Unreal (1998) and Unreal Tournament (1999) characters swim around singing about the dangers hidden within the beautiful Unreal waters!
Additional content notes:
Mild video game gun violence (reduced gore)
13 Round and Round Rhea314 Reset | 开端 (TV) The Wheels On The Bus (metal cover) by Leo Moracchioli 00:00:57 link
timeloops and bus explosions
14 The Only Place elipie Animal Crossing The Only Place by Best Coast 00:02:36 link
Why would you live anywhere else?
Content notes:
Physical triggers (quick cuts and contract changes)
Additional content notes:
there's an animated seagull who looks like he could be dead but he's just sleeping!!, animated bugs
15 Firehouse 118 Rhea314 9-1-1 (TV) Ordinary Day by Great Big Sea 00:03:11 link
The home we make and the family we choose
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Red flashing lights (firetruck siren lights on screen and in ambient lighting, firehouse siren light in ambient lighting))