Registration for FanWorks is currently closed and will open in February

We offer two levels of membership for FanWorks 2019: Attending and Digital-only:

Attending - $135

  • Access to the full weekend of con programming and events
  • Access to audio recording room, vidshow room and the Con Suite
  • Friday catered lunch and afternoon snacks on Saturday and Sunday
  • Access to live online streaming vidshows
  • Access to the online FanWorks 2019 Zine
  • Bar Wristbands and vendor tables can be purchased separately

Digital - $30

  • Access to live online streaming vidshows
  • Access to the online FanWorks 2019 Zine


Attending registration is capped at 160 attendees.

Registration is first come, first served; if we hit the cap, any additional registrations will be added to a waitlist.

If spaces open up, we will contact people on the waitlist in the order they were added to give them the opportunity to register for the con.


Fans who register will have 7 days to pay, after which your attending spot will be released or your digital membership will be canceled. You can register again at that point if you wish to; if you register a second time and there is a waitlist for attending membership, you will be added to the waitlist.

Membership extras such as bar wristbands and vendor tables can be purchased with registration or added later by editing your registration from the dashboard.

Digital memberships can be upgraded to attending memberships as long as registration is still open.

Registration is not refundable and cannot be rolled over to next year. It is fully transferrable to another fan.

Bar Wristbands

Bar wristbands give access to the open bars at the Friday Night Market and/or the Saturday Sparkle Motion dance party for a minimum of three hours, or as long as the bars remain open. The bars include a selection of liquors, imported and domestic beer, wine, mixers, and soda. Wristbands must be purchased in advance of the con. Only attendees with wristbands will be able to drink at the event bars. Drinks may not be purchased individually.

Vendor Tables

Vendor tables for the Night Market are offered on a first come, first served basis. Anyone attending the con who makes fan wares such as material art, prints, stickers, knit crafts, shirts, buttons, jewelry, housewares, woodworking, or other non-perishable goods, or any attendee who runs a fan organization they want to promote, can purchase a table. Resellers are not permitted; all vendors must be the original fan creators of the merchandise for sale. Food, drinks, and scented products are not permitted for sale, but creators of these (or other) items are welcome to purchase a table if they wish to promote their online store.

We reserve the right to refuse vendor space to any creator or organization for any reason. We will directly email all vendors to confirm Night Market table reservations.

Tables will be rectangular banquet tables (anticipated table measurements are 72 x 30 - this may change slightly depending on availability from hotel), one per vendor. Outlets may not be available for all tables, so please be aware of this and email if you will absolutely require a power outlet. All monetary exchanges will be the sole responsibility of the vendor.