Fanworks Venue Accessibility Policy

Last updated: 23nd Feb 2019

      1. Contact us. You can reach Access at any time by emailing
      1. Scents & Smoke. We ask that con attendees avoid using scented products with if possible. The hotel is smoke-free. Anyone who smokes outside must wash their hands after smoking.
      2. Badges. Color communication badges, pronoun badges, and hug welcomeness badges will be available at the registration desk.
      3. Walkway policy. Lanes for walking and wheeling only will be designated with tape in hallways and open con areas.
      1. Service animals. All service animals are welcome in the con space and hotel, as mandated by the ADA. Up to one dog per room is permitted by the hotel at no charge.
      2. Emotional support animals and pets. Pets and support animals that are not service animals as defined by the ADA are not permitted in the con space. However, the hotel is pet-friendly. Up to one small animal per room is permitted at no charge.
      1. Exterior
        1. Curbs. Sidewalk curbs near the hotel are cut.
        2. Accessible parking. The hotel has 14 accessible parking spaces and ample parking in general.
        3. Entryway / drop-off. The hotel has automatic sliding doors at the front entrance and cut curbs at the entryway/drop-off.
      2. Con Spaces
        1. First Floor. The entryway to the hotel as well as the con vidshow and recording rooms are located on the first floor.
        2. Third Floor. Panel and evening programming and the majority of the con space.
        3. Stairs and elevators are located in proximity to the con space.
        4. A small con suite will be located in a hotel room suite on a higher floor, location TBD.
      3. Washrooms on main floor and in con space
        1. Accessible washrooms. There are accessible washrooms on both the con floor and the main/event floor.
        2. Changing tables. Bathrooms with changing tables are located on the first floor, close to the exit of the ballroom. There is a large vanity counter in the women’s bathroom on the 3rd floor, but no changing table.
        3. Any-gender washrooms. At least one accessible, any-gender washroom will be available on the 3rd floor in the con space.
      4. Door Widths
        1. First floor. Entrances to the first floor con rooms are 71.5in in width.
        2. Third floor. A comprehensive list of door widths on the third floor ballrooms is forthcoming.
      5. Program Areas
        1. Accessible Seating. Accessible seating and wheelchair spaces are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.
        2. Obstacles. There are no area rugs or plugs in floors, but it is possible that there may be cords crossing walkways or thresholds in some panel rooms due to projector and other A/V equipment needs. These will be covered by cable ramps and traversable by chair.
      6. Special Event
        1. Wheelchair Seating. Wheelchair seating will be accommodated for at tables.
      7. Wheelchairs
        1. Hotel wheelchairs. The hotel has one wheelchair available to guests.
        2. Your wheelchair. Your wheelchair is very welcome!
      8. Getting around Detroit
        1. Public Transportation. Smart Bus serves the Detroit Metro Area, as well as the hotel via the 280 bus, which runs approximately every hour; more information about ADA Services and Paratransit and Detroit Bus Routes.
        2. Taxi. Detroit has plenty of taxi service and accessible taxi service, as well as rideshare services Lyft and Uber.
      1. Wheelchair Accessible Rooms. 14 wheelchair-accessible rooms are available at the con rate, though none of of them are in the third floor room block.
      2. Hotel Room Amenities. All hotel rooms come with mini-refrigerators. Rooms do not have microwaves.
      3. Door Widths. For standard and wheelchair-accessible rooms: to come.
      1. Caregivers. Con attendees with medical needs that require a caregiver should contact us after registering at Caregivers are not required to register to attend the con, but will be asked to check in at the registration for a badge.
      2. Infants. Babes in arms are welcome in all FanWorks con spaces during daytime hours (from 10am to 4pm).
    7. FOOD
      1. Fanworks is aware that many attendees have food allergies and other dietary restrictions. We are a small con with a limited budget and cannot accommodate every set of restrictions, but we want you to be informed about what we can do as well as realistic risks of cross-contamination.
      2. Food options. We’re currently planning to offer gluten-free and vegetarian options at all meals.
      3. Food preparation. Gluten-free food is prepared in the same area as food with gluten, but prepared separately. We can’t guarantee that there are no cross-contamination issues with other allergens, including but not limited to nuts, dairy, and eggs.
      4. Food service. Food is served buffet-style, which also carries a cross-contamination risk. We are asking catering to label dishes with common allergens like gluten, nuts, dairy, and eggs.
      5. Straws. Plastic straws will be available for everyone.
      6. Groceries. While there are no grocery stores in walking distance of the hotel, Uncle Joe’s Market and Kroger, among other stores, are within three miles.
      1. Registration. Access support and information will be available at registration. Badges, as detailed earlier, will be available here.
      2. Maps. Maps of the hotel space will highlight accessible features and pet relief areas.
      3. Contacting Access. In addition to email support, Access will be monitoring an access-specific twitter for the duration of the con.