Send Us Your FanWorks

Fic, Art and More!

Send us your fanfic, fanart, and other fanworks! Submissions for our digital FanWorks con zine will open in April, but you can visit our submission guidelines page for more details if you’d like to start brainstorming.


Send us your vids! Submissions will open in early May, but you can start vidding now -- read on for some of the many vidshows we’ll be presenting at FanWorks.

Premiering Vidshows


Premiering vids by attending vidders -- any fandom, any genre! All first-priority vids will be shown. Deadline is Sunday, July 7th.


Premiering vids made to a specific theme to be announced soon. Deadline is Sunday, July 7th.

Sparkle Motion

Dance party meets vidshow! Contains a mix of premiering and non-premiering vids. If submitting to this show, your vidsong must be preapproved for the dance playlist. Deadline is Sunday, June 2nd.

Other premiering vid opportunities may arise; as programming is finalized, keep an eye out for additional vidshow announcements or themed vidshows that may be looking for new vids to include!

Non-Premiering Vidshows

Details to be announced! Check back for updates.

Vids for themed vidshows and other non-premiering vidshows will be due on Sunday, June 23rd.

Content Notes

All fanworks submitted to the con zine and vidshows will be required to be submitted either with standard content notes provided or the option to "choose not to give content notes."

The con's standard content notes are:

  • Choose not to give content notes
  • No standard content notes apply
  • Physical triggers
  • Audio triggers
  • Graphic violence
  • Sexual violence
  • Self harm
  • Suicide
  • Other

We may add more standard content notes before submissions open. In any cases where vidshow curators/VJs include vids and other video content where the creators can't be reached (as is sometimes the case with VCR vids in particular), the vids will be labeled "no content note information provided."