Send Us Your FanWorks

Fic, Art and More!

To start submitting your works to the con, you just need to create an account.

Send your fanfic, fanart, podfic, and other fanworks to our digital con zine! All genres, themes, and pairings accepted. You do not have to be registered for the con to submit to the zine.

See our submission guidelines page for more details. To make a submission to the zine, visit the dashboard and click on “Submit or manage works” under Your Fan Works.

All zine submissions are due on or before Sunday, June 30th.

If you’re not sure where to start, you might find inspiration in this year’s FanWorks Variations theme of “Ignite” -- the con zine will have a section devoted solely to all the different interpretations of ignition!

We will also have a small fanart gallery at the con itself for attendees to browse. If submitting 2D artwork, please submit prints only; we cannot accept 2D originals or framed work, as art will be hung directly on the wall and may incur damage from masking tape. However, we also welcome 3D or textile fanworks -- just let us know the dimensions so we can prepare appropriate display space!

Please contact us in advance at so we can reserve space for your work and provide additional gallery details. (Any artwork intended for the gallery can be mailed in advance or brought with you to the con. If you need to submit your work digitally, we would be happy to print it for you on an inkjet printer, but we will be unable to provide higher-quality or larger size prints.)


Vidshows will be showing throughout the con weekend in a dedicated room. These vidshows will also be streamed online to attending and digital members.

To submit your vid, create a FanWorks account and choose the option to submit a work from your dashboard.

Most shows are open to submissions from both attending and non-attending vidders, although priority is given to attending vidders if time limits are reached. We recommend using the most recent version of LlamaEnc to encode your vid submissions, but if you run into any problems or if LlamaEnc doesn’t work on your system, please contact us at and we can provide assistance!

Premiering Vidshows


Premiering vids -- any fandom, any genre! Any vidder is welcome to submit vids to the show. Vids from this show may also be discussed in the Premieres Discussion panel. (If you do not wish your vid to be included in the panel, please select the opt-out option on the vid submission form.) Deadline is Sunday, July 7th.

Variations: Ignite

Premiering vids made to a specific theme, interpreted however you’d like! Any vidder can submit to the show. This year’s theme is “Ignite.” Deadline is Sunday, July 7th.

Sparkle Motion

Dance party meets vidshow! Contains a mix of premiering and non-premiering vids. If submitting to this show, your vidsong must be preapproved for the dance playlist, but you do not have to be an attending vidder to make vids for Sparkle Motion. Deadline has been extended to Sunday, June 16th.

Other premiering vid opportunities may arise; as programming is finalized, keep an eye out for additional vidshow announcements or themed vidshows that may be looking for new vids to include!

Non-Premiering Vidshows

Vids for non-premiering vidshows will be due on Sunday, June 23rd.


A showcase of past work by con attendees. Attending vidders can submit 1-2 vids that they feel are representative of their work, posted at any time, in any year, on any subject. Submissions are purely vidder's choice, and are open to all attendees! You do not have to consider yourself a current/active vidder to participate.

The Year in Vids

A vidshow featuring works from the previous year. Any vid released between September 2018 and the deadline for vid submissions is eligible for this show; submissions are open to all attending and non-attending vidders.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

A vidshow for animated sources of all kinds, running on Saturday morning from 10am - noon. The vidshow playlist will be drawn from vidder submissions, suggestions, and additional VJ selections. Any vidder is welcome to submit their own work to the show. Premieres are welcome; please email if you are thinking of submitting a premiering vid to the show.

Quiet Morning

A vidshow for anyone looking for a soft, easy start to Sunday morning. Vid suggestions welcome for any vids that are gently paced and relatively easy to process.

Non-Premiering Vidshows: Themed Shows

All vids for themed vidshows will be chosen by VJs. You are welcome to suggest vids for a show (your own or others’), or even offer to make a premiere, but all themed vidshow submissions must be requested by the show’s VJ. If you have been asked by a VJ to submit a vid for a themed show, your vid is due on Sunday, June 23rd.


Variations is an annual themed FanWorks challenge with a new theme each year. Anyone who makes vids, art, fic, podfic, or any other kind of fanwork is welcome to create something as an interpretation of the theme and submit it to the con to be showcased in the con zine, the Variations vidshow, or the con art gallery.

The theme for 2019 is Ignite.

You can interpret "ignite" however you want! Your interpretation does not have to be literal (for instance, the word "ignite" doesn't have to show up in your vid songs or fic - but it can if you want it to!), and you can apply the theme to any fandom or fanwork type.

Fan creations of all kinds made as a response to the theme can be submitted to various venues at the con:

Variations vidshow

Any vids made for the theme will be shown at the con in the Variations vidshow and online via con streaming. The deadline for vid submissions is July 7th.

Con zine

Any fanart, fanfic, or podfic made for Variations will be published in our digital zine, available to all attending and supporting members. The deadline for submissions to the con zine is June 30th.

Art gallery

Any textile or other 3D artforms made for Variations must be completed by August 4th and brought to the con by attendees for display in the con's art gallery.

If you have any questions about Variations, the theme, or how to submit a work for the theme challenge, please email

Content Notes

All fanworks submitted to the con zine and vidshows will be required to be submitted either with standard content notes provided or the option to "choose not to give content notes."

The con's standard content notes are:

  • Choose not to give content notes
  • No standard content notes apply
  • Physical triggers
  • Audio triggers
  • Graphic violence
  • Sexual violence
  • Self harm
  • Suicide
  • Other

We may add more standard content notes before submissions open. In any cases where vidshow curators/VJs include vids and other video content where the creators can't be reached (as is sometimes the case with VCR vids in particular), the vids will be labeled "no content note information provided."