Send Us Your FanWorks

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To start submitting your works to the con, you just need to create an account.

Send your fanfic, fanart, podfic, and other fanworks to our digital con zine! All genres, themes, and pairings accepted. You do not have to be registered for the con to submit to the zine.

See our submission guidelines page for more details. To make a submission to the zine, visit the dashboard and click on “Submit or manage works” under Your Fan Works.

All zine submissions are due on or before October 4th.


Vidshows will be available for streaming on the FanWorks website throughout the con weekend. Watch in real-time with other virtual con attendees, or stream anytime after the vidshow goes live. If you miss any vidshows during the con weekend, all streaming shows will be available for at least two months after the con ends.

Submissions will open September 13th for all vidder-submitted shows, but please read on for more information on specific vidshows and their deadlines.

Most shows are open to submissions from both attending and non-attending vidders, although priority is given to attending vidders if time limits are reached. We recommend using the most recent version of LlamaEnc to encode your vid submissions, but if you run into any problems or if LlamaEnc doesn’t work on your system, please contact us at and we can provide assistance!

Premiering Vidshows


Premiering vids -- any fandom, any genre! Any vidder is welcome to submit vids to the show. Vids from this show may also be discussed in Premieres Discussion. (If you do not wish your vid to be included in Premieres Discussion, please select the opt-out option on the vid submission form.) Deadline is Sunday, October 11th.

Non-Premiering Vidshows

Vids for non-premiering vidshows will be due on October 4th.

The Year in Vids

A vidshow featuring works from the previous year. Any vid released between September 2019 and the September 27th, 2020 submissions deadline is eligible for this show; submissions are open to all attending and non-attending vidders.

Vidder's Choice

You can submit any vid to Vidder’s Choice to showcase your work -- whether the vid was released this year or thirty years ago, or is showing at a con for the first time or the fifth. Any vid you’ve made is eligible for this show, regardless of theme or release date.

Non-Premiering Vidshows: Themed Shows

All vids for themed vidshows will be chosen by VJs. You are welcome to suggest vids for a show (your own or others’), or even offer to make a premiere, but all themed vidshow submissions must be requested by the show’s VJ. If you have been asked by a VJ to submit a vid for a themed show, the deadline for themed vidshows submissions is October 4th.

Content Notes

All fanworks submitted to the con zine and vidshows will be required to be submitted either with standard content notes provided or the option to "choose not to give content notes."

The con's standard content notes are:

  • Choose not to give content notes
  • No standard content notes apply
  • Physical triggers
  • Audio triggers
  • Major character death
  • Sexual content
  • Underage sex
  • Graphic violence
  • Sexual violence
  • Slavery
  • Animal harm
  • Child harm
  • Body image and eating disorders
  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Self harm
  • Suicide
  • Depictions of bigotry, hate crimes, and systemic oppression
  • Other
  • I am submitting for someone else and no content notes are available
  • Read more about these content notes and how to use them.