FanWorks Convention

Magpie holding a paint brush

Art & Crafting


The Art & Crafting programming track focuses on digital and 2D art, cosplay, and fannish crafts, including:

  • Drawing, painting, and other 2D art in digital and physical mediums
  • Manips, gifs, icons, and other digital manipulation of images
  • Graphic design for websites, merchandise (including stickers, pins, shirts etc.), and more
  • Cosplay
  • Knit crafts, clothing design, and textile arts
  • Design and creation of dolls, custom figures, models, prop replicas, and more
  • Jewelry, buttons, and other accessories
  • Fannish home goods and home design
  • Fandom-inspired food and drink

Panels in the Art & Crafting track can focus on these topics or many others - the scope of fannish art and craft making is broad, and we want to talk about it all!

If you make any of these things or love them and want to talk about them, this track is for you.

In addition to panel programming, the art & crafting track also features the Friday Night Market, an opportunity for artists and vendors to sell their wares. Cosplayers can show off their latest creations in our Cosplay Contest, with workmanship judging and a runway show!

Digital and 2D artists may also want to submit to the con’s digital zine for premiering works by con attendees.