2023 The Year in Vids

A vidder-submitted showcase of vids released since FanWorks 2022.

vj: corbae

# Title Vidder Fandom Audio Duration URL
1 Game Night in Space Garrideb Multi (sci-fi) Don't Stop Me Now by Queen 00:03:42 link
How are you going to spend those long nights on your starship? Play games, of course! Space poker, space chess, space Monopoly... this is a fanvid celebrating game night in space.
2 Here It Goes Again Scribe Star Trek: Lower Decks Here It Goes Again by OK Go 00:02:58 link
Just when you think you're in control...
Content notes:
Physical triggers (bright lights; flashing lights)
3 Ghost Delirium naye 대박부동산 | Sell Your Haunted House Delirium Tremendous by Felix Hagan & The Family 00:03:07 link
Hong Ji Ah's got to battle through the nights that hate her ‘til she's better.
Content notes:
Alcohol or drug use
4 Bodie and Doyle Gimme Your Love zzebeddy The Professionals Gimme Your Love by Morcheeba 00:04:13 link
Ray and Bodie find their groove....together.
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Fast cuts, some visual flashes)
5 Muppet Goncharov Airawyn Goncharov Main Theme from Goncharov by Jordan Dean 00:00:38 link
A sneak peek at a new version of the greatest mafia movie ever made.
Content notes:
Audio triggers (Gunshot (audio only))
6 Burn It Down ExtraPenguin Star Wars Original Trilogy F.S.U. (2020) by Charlotte Wessels 00:04:04 link
Leia Organa will burn down the Empire and the Death Star and everything that tries to stop her.
7 After All Periru3 Everything Everywhere All at Once After All by Dar Williams 00:03:48 link
It felt like a winter machine that you go through and then you catch your breath and winter starts again and everyone else is spring bound
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Very rapid cuts (internal cuts from within the movie))
Additional content notes:
Attempted suicide and depression
8 No Promises ritardando 棋魂 |Qi Hun No Promises by San Fermin 00:03:43 link
"Because whether I will regret it or not can't be decided in the present."
9 Dancing in the Dark starlady Ms. Marvel Dancing in the Dark by Lucy Dacus 00:03:18 link
You can't start a fire without a spark.
Additional content notes:
Depictions of police
10 Handmade Jessie (feedingonwind) 李子柒 | LiZiqi (YouTube Channel) Spring (It's A Big World Outside), from Stardew Valley by Eric Barone (ConcernedApe) 00:03:39 link
There's a lot of stuff to make!
11 OMG: a fandom meta vid lolathexxiii newjeans, kpop, fandom OMG by New Jeans 00:03:46 link
My heart is glowing, it's glowing
12 A Kind of Brother BeatriceEagle Critical Role Blood Brothers by The Tyde 00:03:08 link
Recipe for lifelong friendship: 1 part screaming, 1 part crying, 1 part stupid jokes, 3 parts revolution.
13 Crew stardust_rain Leverage Crew by Dessa 00:02:52 link
"Maybe ain't a lot, but it's an honest wage; and what we've got is what we've made."
14 Find Your People Garrideb Starsky & Hutch Find Your People by Drew Holcomb 00:03:13 link
The residents of Bay City sometimes find the people they need the most, right when they need them.
Content notes:
Alcohol or drug use
15 Everything on a bagel. Januarium Everything Everywhere All At Once, Taskmaster (UK) The Taskmaster Theme Song by The Horne Section 00:02:10 link
"I think when she does something weird it gives her power." - Waymond Wang Evelyn and Joy Wang compete on Taskmaster.
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Flashing lights 1:09-1:13) , Sexual content , Graphic violence , Animal harm , Self harm
16 Kai's Lament TheDeadDoNot Lexx Jack's Lament by Danny Elfman 00:03:14 link
Dead man Kai spookily sings Jack's Lament from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Xev knows how he feels.
17 king 👑 grace monroe interplanet janet Infinity Train King by Florence + The Machine 00:00:54 link
Content notes:
Choose not to give content notes
18 Sympathy For The Ghost King Airawyn Heaven Official's Blessing (Tiān Guān Cì Fú) Sympathy for the Duke (Sympathy for the Devil/You Can't Always Get What You Want/Gimme Shelter) by Tam Mutu, Karen Olivo, Original Broadway Cast of Moulin Rouge! The Musical 00:02:33 link
Hua Cheng is a man of wealth and taste. He can't always get what he wants (Xie Lian), but sometimes (sometimes), he gets what he needs (Xie Lian).
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Brief flashing around 1:30)
19 Still the One Anoel Hacks Still the One by Ingrid Michaelson 00:02:32 link
I'm still the one that's in love with you.
Content notes:
Alcohol or drug use
20 Gorgeous Dayln Red, White & Royal Blue Gorgeous by Taylor Swift 00:01:59
Content notes:
Sexual content
21 Skate Periru3 Yuri on Ice Skate by Silk Sonic 00:03:23 link
If being fine was a crime Victor would lock Yuuri's lil fine ass up in a tower
22 Grace distant_fox Xena: Warrior Princess a few words for the firing squad (radiation) by Run the Jewels 00:01:18 link
Xena reflects on friendship and love being more important than money and power.
23 I Can See You ohvienna Mission: Impossible Movies I Can See You by Taylor Swift 00:01:19 link
But what would you do if I went to touch you now?
24 Marge, Doyle and Bodie Ex's and Oh's zzebeddy The Professionals Ex's and Oh's by Elle King 00:03:37 link
Raise a glass of something green to the ‘inimitable’ Marge: shrewd, passionate and nobody’s fool. This is an ode to her cheerful mercenary nous and Lorelei charm. ...More than a match for our Lads.
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Fast cuts and visual flashes, blood - (small amount, briefly shown))
25 Let's Have Intercourse wembley Ghosts US (2021) Let's Have Intercourse by Scott Michael Foster via Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 00:02:14 link
Unfortunately, Hetty wants to have sex with Trevor.
26 Crazy Neery Taskmaster Crazy in Love (50 Shades of Grey Remix) by Beyonce 00:03:58 link
"I do everything for him."
27 Lovely Day (Good as Hell) Tafadhali & Periru3 The Wicker Man (1973) Lovely Day/Good as Hell Mashup by Pomplamoose 00:03:23 link
It's gonna be a lovely day! ☀️
Content notes:
Major character death , Graphic violence , Sexual content
Additional content notes:
Nudity, cults
28 Wicked Game hollywoodgrrl Mulholland Dr. Wicked Game by Amy Sky 00:04:13 link
It's strange what desire will make foolish people do.
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Light flashes) , Audio triggers (Gunshot) , Major character death , Suicide , Sexual content
Additional content notes:
David Lynch stuff.
29 Reeds Rhea314 괴물 | Beyond Evil CRΣΣKS by The Nor'easters 00:03:01 link
Down along the creek I remember something...
Content notes:
Physical triggers (contains three short clips of less than 1 second next to each other that are different levels of lighting.) , Child harm , Alcohol or drug use
Additional content notes:
Depictions of police, dead bodies
30 Blood in the Water Dayln Yellowjackets Blood // Water by Grandson 00:03:24 link
"the wilderness chose"
Content notes:
Major character death , Graphic violence , Alcohol or drug use
Additional content notes:
31 Devotion stardust_rain House MD Devotion by Indigo Girls 00:03:34 link
"I gave it up all for a love that could not be defined".
Content notes:
Alcohol or drug use
32 Like Crazy lolathexxiii Till the End of the Moon Like Crazy by Jimin 00:03:35 link
"Each night, you spin me up high, the moon embraces you, let me have a taste."
Content notes:
Graphic violence
33 Not Ready distant_fox Severance Flower by BigRicePiano 00:02:04 link
"The Lumon manual doesn't say anything about lip to lip contact." "It does discourage romantic fraternization, though."
34 It Cannot Be About That Nestra Roswell New Mexico It Cannot Be About That by Original Broadway Cast of Once, by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová 00:01:00 link
"Figured, that was the last place I saw my family, maybe they'd be back. Or maybe, maybe somebody would come and take me home. For a genius, I was a real dumbass."
35 Rita Rhea314 작은 아씨들 | Little Women Rita by Be Steadwell 00:04:35 link
You're gone now I can't find me.
Content notes:
Suicide , Alcohol or drug use
36 My Silver Lining AurumCalendula 安乐传 | Legend of Anle My Silver Lining by First Aid Kit 00:03:35 link
'I won't take the easy road'
Content notes:
Physical triggers (contains flickering and flashing lights, framerate weirdness from the source, and quick cuts (especially around 0:47 - 0:50 and 1:04 - 1:05)) , Major character death , Graphic violence , Child harm , Alcohol or drug use , Self harm
37 Green Light nu_breed 나의나라 | My Country: the New Age Green Light by Lorde 00:03:55 link
Thought you said that you would always be in love But you're not in love no more Did it frighten you How we kissed when we danced on the light up floor? On the light up floor
Content notes:
Graphic violence , Physical triggers (several sequences of fast, action cuts and light flickers)
38 Cassandra Tafadhali Yellowjackets Cassandra by Florence + The Machine 00:04:22 link
O, drunken gods of slaughter...you know I've always been your favorite daughter.
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Fast, stuttery cuts) , Major character death , Sexual content , Graphic violence , Animal harm , Alcohol or drug use , Self harm , Suicide
39 Blank Page nu_breed 매드독 | Mad Dog Blank Page by Klangstof 00:03:53 link
"I'm loved but still unknown" Kim Min-joon, his family and his found family.
Content notes:
Physical triggers (quickcut at 2:18 and a fade to white at 3:46:15) , Alcohol or drug use
Additional content notes:
mild violence and a brief shot of a dead body (not a main character)
40 Winter VielMouse Strange World (TV 1999) Winter by The Alpha Conspiracy 00:04:06 link
Based on the pilot and finale episodes (spoilers). Dr. Paul Turner is terminally ill from an Army accident, but a mysterious stranger keeps delivering medicine just in time.
Content notes:
Major character death , Physical triggers (non-graphic needles, hospital, sickness, military flashbacks) , Alcohol or drug use
Additional content notes:
non-graphic gunshot; mildly flashy overlay effects (no strobing)
41 The Spinning Plates Reel seekingferret Star Wars Echo Falls/ Francis the Miller / Feis Seattle by Alex Sturbaum ft. Cayley Miranda Schmid 00:04:23 link
“I have a constant blur of plates spinning and knives on the floor, and needy, panicked faces at the window of which you are but one of many." The Rebellion is always bigger than you thought it was.
Content notes:
Major character death , Graphic violence
42 In The Bullpen AurumCalendula 山河令 | Word of Honor The Bullpen by Dessa 00:02:42 link
'forget the bull in the china shop'
Content notes:
Physical triggers (quick cuts, framerate weirdness from the source) , Alcohol or drug use
43 Bullet with Butterfly Wings ohvienna Mission: Impossible Movies Bullet with Butterfly Wings by Karen O 00:01:57 link
Despite all my rage...
Content notes:
Major character death
Additional content notes:
Canon-typical violence (knives, no blood).
44 Down & Dirty dirty diana Killjoys Down & Dirty by Little Mix 00:02:41 link
Make way - a Dutch character study
Content notes:
Physical triggers (flashes (gunfire, sparks, flames), lens flare, speed changes) , Alcohol or drug use
45 Moderation Anoel Hacks Moderation by Florence + The Machine 00:03:10 link
You want me to love you in moderation. Do I look moderate to you?
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Rapid cuts)
46 Higher Love ultraviolet catastrophe (fray) Everything Everywhere All at Once Higher Love by Whitney Houston, Kygo 00:03:35 link
If there are infinite parallel universes, then every universe that can exist does exist.
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Fast cutting, flickering lights) , Sexual content