FanWorks 2022 Events


Art & Crafting Track

Craft Together

One of the big barriers to fannish crafting can be finding time to do it! So bring your latest WiP along, and we'll cheer each other on and give feedback. (All crafts are good crafts! While I'd advocate leaving the cooking related crafts at home, if you want to take a chunk of time to add a few stitches, brush-strokes, weaves, ect. to your current WiP, this is for you.)

Let's Make a Zine!

Learn about 3 zine formats and then use one to make your own zine during the panel! Basic supplies will be provided, but please bring any photos or other collage materials you want to use.
Community Track

Canon/Fanon/Fever Dream

Based on @svy_fish's tweet, in this quiz game participants will guess whether "something is official information, widely accepted fan interpretation or just bullshit."

Fandom Platforms in 2022

Fandom communities use a variety of platforms to stay in touch. Come discuss where people are hanging out these days, features and limitations of different platforms, and tricks for managing the latest migrations.

Ethical Norms in Fanworks Fandom

Fanworks are created by relatively small, self-selecting communities that have developed our own ethical standards about how and when elements from other peoples' work, fan- and otherwise, can be incorporated into your own. These rules often overlap, but are not congruent with, copyright law. How are these community norms created, and how are they enforced?

Rec Room

Bring your recs for content of all kinds, or come to get recs from others! (Or both! Both is good.) Small fandoms, YouTube channels, books, podcasts, any other rec exchanges you like.

Fandom in Translation

This panel will focus on the history and practice of fan translations of anime, manga, and Chinese webnovels into English.
Writing Track

Fix-It Fic: Home of the Handyfan

We love our fandoms, but sometimes the story's a bit of a fixer-upper. Whether the story needs just a bit of plot spackle, some basic character repair, or a wholesale narrative renovation, fixit fic gets the job done. This panel will discuss the fixit oeuvre and the fic writer's urge to spiff up beloved--and otherwise perfectly imperfect--source.
General Track

Closing Social

Join us for some chill face-to-face (or screens-off, whatever you prefer!) Zoom hangouts before we all say goodbye to the weekend.
Video Track

Does the Editor Make the Vidder?

Vidders make vids in a wide variety of editing software packages, from simple linear editors like WMM and iMovie to top of the line pro editors like Premiere and Avid.To what extent does the choice of editing software influence artistic decisions? Does a vidder's editing software foreclose options, and how can they work around the limitations and structures of their software to create their vision? When do artistic requirements compel a change of software?

Vid Discussion

A two hour discussion session looking at vids from Friday's Premieres vidshow.

Morning Events

Welcome to FanWorks Chicago

Welcome to FanWorks 2022! Join us for a few opening remarks and an overview of the weekend, including the con space, events, catered food, and more.

Welcome to FanWorks Online

Welcome to FanWorks 2022 - online! Join us for opening remarks and stick around to meet fellow con attendees and socialize.

Late Registration

If you missed Thursday night reg, come pick up your reg materials on Friday morning!

Evening Events

General Track

Under the Sea Social!

Under the Sea

Constellation has become an underwater hideaway for the night! We encourage dressing up – it's been a while since we've had a chance to get together in our sparkliest dresses, fanciest outfits, and favorite cosplay – but you're welcome to wear whatever you're comfortable in. You can bring your favorite games for groups - board games, card games, any tabletop games you want to play with others - or come just to socialize and take in the under the sea atmosphere!


The con isn't over yet! Come to the Sunday night con wrap-up for closing remarks, stay for the final social event of FanWorks 2022. The con closing features Instant Replay, an on-the-spot vidshow made up of vids from the con weekend, chosen at random from attendee suggestions.


Come pick up your registration packet and a boxed dinner salad! To keep Convair from becoming crowded during registration, we ask that no more than 5 people are in Convair at a time; if the room is full when you arrive, please wait on the mezzanine. Don't forget to bring your vaccination record with you so that we can check you in!


Fannish Pictionary on Zoom!
Vidshow Track

The Random Vidshow

New for 2022: the ability to create randomized vidshows! We'll hit a couple of buttons and let the con boxes pick the vids for us, drawing on all vids shown at past FanWorks events.