2022 Also Premiering

# Title Vidder Fandom Audio Duration URL
1 Growing Up starlady Turning Red Growing Up by The Linda Lindas 00:03:07 link
We'll show what it means to be young/And growing up
2 Nobody works saturday night distant_fox Red Dwarf Fight for your right by Beastie Boys 00:03:10 link
Lister : Come on, no one works Saturday night! Rimmer : You don't work *any* night. You don't work any *day*.
3 My Metrocard seekingferret MCU My My Metrocard by Le Tigre 00:02:55
think they'll go a little but they're gonna go far
Content notes:
Graphic violence
4 After the Storm nu_breed 나의 나라 | My Country: The New Age (TV) After the Storm by Mumford & Sons 00:04:08 link
But there will come a time, you'll see, with no more tears. Seo Hwi, walking the long path from loss to acceptance
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Fast cuts and some light flashes (sun, flames, raindrops)) , Major character death , Graphic violence , Suicide
Additional content notes:
5 The Mother We Share Andraste The Umbrella Academy The Mother We Share by Karine Polwart 00:03:14 link
The world's biggest ball of twine. (This vid inspired by BeatriceEagle's 'You Can Make It Easy On Me,' which introduced me to the original version of the song and its many excellent sibling feels.)
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Occasional bright flashing lights.) , Major character death , Animal harm , Child harm , Alcohol or drug use
6 Foundation Rhea314 나의 나라 | My Country: The New Age Foundation by Years and Years 00:02:43 link
Can you separate everything for me?
Content notes:
Major character death , Graphic violence , Suicide
7 It's Alright ritardando Word of Honor It's Alright by Mother Mother 00:02:24 link
I got a baseball bat beside my bed // To fight off what's inside my head
Content notes:
Graphic violence , Child harm , Alcohol or drug use , Self harm , Suicide
8 This Hell Is Better With You Blueshiftofdeath Succession This Hell by Rina Sawayama 00:03:57
There's nothing to fear in a deal with the devil when you were already in hell anyway. Greg follows Tom into the death pit and beyond.
Content notes:
Alcohol or drug use
Additional content notes:
references to fascism, references to real life politics, bullying
9 Burning Heart marahsarie 料理の鉄人 | Ryouri no Tetsujin Burning Heart by Survivor 00:02:48 link
If memory serves me right, in the burning heart, there’s an unmistakeable fire.
Additional content notes:
Food (including meat) in various stages of preparation.
10 unwritten usuallyhats The Legend of Vox Machina Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield 00:02:30 link
Reaching for something in the distance / So close you can almost taste it
Content notes:
Physical triggers (some bright lights/flashes)
Additional content notes:
brief shot of a zombie, brief shot of a dead child