FanWorks 2019 Events


Art & Crafting Track

Gifs: A Story in Several Parts

A look at how we use gifs: to share pieces of our favorite media, to comment on and critique that media, to create moving art, to tell our own stories, to communicate with each other, and so much more. The panel will focus on why we create gifs and how we use them (and not on software or technique).

Cosplay 101

Have you ever wanted to get into cosplay, but weren’t sure how or where to start? This panel is for you! We’ll discuss strategies for choosing/designing a character & outfit, and putting together a costume (for both DIY & “I am 0% crafty” options!)

Fandom in Fibercraft

Sometimes the creative impulse takes tangible form! Whether it’s recreation of costume pieces (Dr. Who scarf, Jayne hat) or creation of all-new items inspired by fandom, come join us for a discussion and show-and-tell of the many ways we interpret our favorite media in knitting, cross-stitch, and other fiber arts. Bring anything you’d like to show off!


How fans create and manage props, whether it’s for cosplay or just to have an artifact from their favorite fandom. We will discuss the considerations you have to take when you’ve got a thing you’ll be carrying around all day, and techniques for getting those minor details just right.

Cosplay 201

So you've put together a few costumes, maybe busted out the sewing machine, but you want to step your cosplay game up to the next level. Let's talk about modifying patterns, crafting accessories, and more intermediate-to-advanced level skills to really bring your costuming vision to life.

Fandom Food

Recipe exchange and resource sharing - discuss fan-created flavors that range from tea blends and cocktails inspired by favorite characters, to cake and cookie decorating, to fandom-specific cookbooks.

Decorating with Fandom

What kinds of collectibles, home goods, and crafts / DIY projects do we use to bring fandom into our homes? Do we have specific rooms for fannish decor, or is it all over the place? What happens when we have to negotiate fannish decor with non-fannish family/roommates, or when our family/roommates have different fandoms than we do? Does our decor change according to our current fandoms?
Audio Track

Podfic 101

Beyond the technical aspects, how do you get started with podficcing? We'll go over the creative work that goes into recording podfic and ways to get involved with the community.

ACTING! in Podfic

From pacing to character voices, the choices we make in recording podfic can have a big impact on listeners. Let's talk resources and acting tips you can incorporate into your readings!

Fan Music: Making It Happen

So you want to make fan music! Now what? Steph of Tonks & The Aurors is here to discuss what comes next, from promoting your work to booking a show.

Spoken Audio Recording Tech How-To

Have you ever wanted to start a podcast or make a podfic, but weren't sure where to start with the technical aspects? We're here to help! We'll explain hardware options on a variety of budgets, software programs for all platforms, and any other questions you would like answered pertaining to audio tech.

Your Filesize Is Too Damn Big

In a world where many people are listening to podfic & podcasts on mobile devices with limited storage, or even streaming on data plans, file size is perhaps more important than ever. In this tech workshop, we'll talk audio compression specs, technical capabilities of popular microphones, and more ways to make your spoken audio fanworks more accessible to listeners by keeping file sizes down

Fandom Podcasts

You don't have to be at a con to enjoy fan discussion year round. Let's talk about all the various the podcasts out there that are by and about fandom itself!

I Made You A Mixtape

Sometimes a song reminds you of a character, pairing, or fandom you love! Sometimes a whole lot of songs do. This panel will look at fanmixes: how we thoughtfully construct music playlists to evoke character arcs and relationships and tell stories.
Community Track

Facing Your Fears

What's your greatest fear as a fan artist? Whether you're worried about negative (or zero) feedback, lack of experience in a new medium, or anything else, sharing your work online can be scary. Let's talk about some of our anxieties and how we can push past them.

Creative Balance

Many fans make more than one kind of fanwork. Each kind of fanwork can have its own approach and can come with very different time commitments and methods of fueling creative drive, separate fannish communities, and unique complications and successes. In this panel, we’ll talk about how best to get into something new without giving up the creative outlets we already love, the challenges of balancing our time between multiple kinds of fannish creative drives, and how different our personal measures of success can be for different kinds of fanworks.

Slack, Discord, and the Resurgence of Chatrooms

Fandom activity across several chatroom platforms has increased significantly. Is this the next big platform migration or part of a larger trend? What impact do invitation-based chatroom platforms have on community access and fandom as a whole? How do these spaces function, and what are the pros and cons to chat-based fandom communities?

Should Everything Be Preserved?

Many things in fandom are worth preserving! But what about things that were never intended to last, from LJ entries so old we've forgotten they exist to our old fic we would really rather weren't on the internet anymore? How much control do we or should we have over our fannish footprint? How do we as fans and fanwork creators in the public sphere feel about fan studies preservation, documentation efforts like Fanlore, or private circulation of fic/art/vids no longer available online?

The Evolution of Meta and the Fannish Conversation

With shifts in fannish platforms come changes in the ways fans write meta and have discussions about source material. Tumblr reblogs can fragment conversations and make them difficult to track; Twitter has forced us to make brevity an art form. Few platforms make it easy to have fluid discussions about spoilers without spoiling our friends. How do we overcome platform challenges to keep fannish conversation going in 2019? How have social media and the pop culture spotlight on fandom changed the ways we write meta, and who we write it for?

It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World

Got an idea for an exchange or fest that you really want to make happen? Hear from experienced fandom mods on the best way to go about it, and pitfalls to avoid.

A Look at Historical Fan Works

Did you know that Cervantes wrote the second part of Don Quixote (in part) because a literary enemy had already published a fan-written continuation? Or that Edward Bulwer-Lytton (yes, he of "it was a dark and stormy night") had a novel that was so popular that one sculptor sold 167 copies of a character's statue from it? Quite aside from pre-modern works that were almost entirely communally owned (such as The Matter of Britain, aka the Arthurian Legend), fans have been reacting to works that have inspired them. (Ref: The Afterlife of Character, 1726-1825 by David A. Brewer). Let's discuss pre-20th century fan works.
Writing Track

Fanfic Without Source Texts: The Rise of Original Fanfic

The most controversial fandom category on the AO3, Original Fanfic is a growing genre that's especially popular in many multifandom fic exchanges. What is Original Fanfic? Why are so many writers and readers falling in love with it? What makes something Original Fanfic, and what are some particularly good examples of the genre?

Fanfiction as a Genre

Discussion of how community evolution of writing styles and tropes have lead to place where fanfiction exists as a character driven genre in and of itself, beyond its primary definition in relation to assorted canons.

Problematic Faves

Let’s discuss the joys and potential pitfalls of writing dark tropes and problematic pairings!

The Alpha and the Omegaverse - A/B/O From Fanfic to Profic

Love it or hate it, the A/B/O fic has become nearly inescapable. A/B/O stories can be found in almost every fandom, and the Omegaverse is a thriving genre of published romance. From straight-up porn to explorations of heteronormativity and social justice issues, A/B/O stories come in infinite forms. What makes them so popular? What are some of the differences between A/B/O fanfic and Omegaverse romances? And what about that lawsuit?!?!

The Art of the AU

Let's talk about the why and the how of AUs! What do we love about AUs as writers and as readers? What makes a good AU? Are some fandoms easier to write AUs in than others? What are some of the unique challenges of writing AUs? Come share your love of all things Alternate Universe and maybe some writerly tips and tricks!

We Reject Your Canon!

An awesome fandom is awesome, until suddenly that One Terrible Thing happens and everything is ruined. How does fandom move forward when the source creators do the opposite of what we want?
Video Track

Vidding 101

So, you're interested in trying to smash together some moving pictures and musical notes? Let's talk about where you could start.

Long Form Vidding

Videos that go longer than 6-10 minutes - Why and how? Also again WHY? How to develop an idea - how to organize that much source - and how to feel okay about it when you’ve had “edit that song down” drilled into your brain your entire vidding life

Identity and Vidding

How does our identity (sexual, gender, romantic, racial, ethnic, religious, or other) affect the choices we make when it comes to vidding? A discussion about how anything between clip choices and relationship focus in our own catalogue of vids is informed by who we are.

Premieres Discussion

A two hour discussion session looking at vids from Friday's Vid Premieres show.

The Language of Vidding

Have you ever watched a fanvid and thought, "I...think that was cool, but I'm not sure I understood it?" Understanding the narrative of vids can sometimes be a little bit like learning a new language. Let's break down a few vids and talk about the skill of parsing fanvids.

Changes in Vidding Technology

People are now vidding on their phones, editing programs are constantly churning out new interfaces, and MPEG Streamclip hasn't updated since 2012. Halp! A panel on how to keep up with technology, what the future looks like, and how these changes affect our vidding processes and our vids themselves.

Song Editing

A conversational and instructional panel on editing songs for fanvids. Why would you want to edit a song? Do you have a tricky song-editing problem to solve? What are different programs that can be used, and how do you cut or otherwise manipulate a song without making the edits audible? Some ins-and-outs of song editing for vidders.

Morning Events

Fic Book Club: When Push Comes To Chevre (MCU)

Fic Book Club: Ingredients of the wrack (Star Wars)

Fic Book Club: Watching Through Windows (Schitt's Creek)

A one-hour book club on Sunday morning, featuring a selection of fanfic in different genres. Chosen genres and fic selections will be announced prior to the con, with enough lead time for everyone who wants to participate to choose a genre and read the fic selection for it before the con. On Sunday morning, join your genre group for a fanfic discussion session!

Afternoon Events

Art & Crafting Track

Cosplay Showcase

Show off your costuming skills at our cosplay contest with workmanship judging and a runway show!
Vidshow Track

Vid Premieres

A showcase for premiering fanvids by con attendees.

Evening Events

Audio Track

Wizard Rock Concert: Tonks and the Aurors

Get down on Friday night with our featured wizard rock musical guest, Tonks and the Aurors!
General Track

Night Market

Buy or sell fan wares in our art and crafts market. If you’re a maker of art, prints, stickers, knit crafts, shirts, buttons, jewelry, housewares, or other non-perishable goods, or if you run a fan organization you want to promote, this is a venue for you!

Social Space, Bar and Gaming

Sparkle Motion (Dance Party)

A three hour vid and costume party with a bar and appetizers. Dance and watch vids on the dancefloor or chill and eat light appetizers in the ballroom.
Vidshow Track

Vid Singalong