2019 Come Out And Level Up

# Title Vidder Fandom Audio Duration URL
1 Landsailor ryfkah Legend of Korra Landsailor by Vienna Teng 00:03:34 link
But there's a storm outside your door, and I'm a child no more
Additional content notes:
Reference to attempted genocide
2 Never Look Away Scribe A Midsummer Night's Dream (2016) Never Look Away by Vienna Teng 00:03:38 link
I want the storm inside you awoken now, I want your warm bright eyes
3 In the 99 starlady Batman (Movies - Nolan) In the 99 by Vienna Teng 00:03:38 link
I haven't come to say I'm sorry, but I swear I'm on your side.
4 Drought kaydee falls Mad Max: Fury Road Drought by Vienna Teng 00:03:36 link
I would know love again if I had faith enough
Content notes:
Physical triggers , Graphic violence
5 Hope On Fire Shati Queen Seondeok Hope On Fire by Vienna Teng 00:03:45 link
you're a one-man shift in the weather, you're the woman who just won't sell
6 Close to Home usuallyhats Orphan Black Close to Home by Vienna Teng 00:03:53 link
We won't be sold any song from your book of lies
Content notes:
Self harm , Suicide
7 Stray Italian Greyhound beerbad Professor Marston and the Wonder Women Stray Italian Greyhound by Vienna Teng 00:04:06 link
I just settled into the glass half empty, made myself at home
8 waking hour Jay Naling / koopiskeva Beyond the Clouds Gravity by Vienna Teng 00:03:39 link
This is the fate you've carved on me
Content notes:
Choose not to give content notes
9 Valinor (Let Me Go) Aria Lord of the Rings Copenhagen (Let Me Go) by Vienna Teng 00:03:01 link
In your head, where we're headed; you gotta let it on by, let me go
10 Soon Love Soon Rhea314 Sense8 Soon Love Soon by Vienna Teng 00:02:15 link
we will know that be a part is to be truly whole
Additional content notes:
One instance of suicidal behavior.
11 Level Up such heights Buffy the Vampire Slayer Level Up by Vienna Teng 00:03:54 link
Yes, you are only one. No, it is not enough. But if you lift your eyes, I am your brother.
12 Halfway Out Of The Dark purplefringe Doctor Who Atheist Christmas Carol by Vienna Teng 00:04:13 link
Don't forget. Don't forget I love, I love, I love you.