2022 Made for Myself

Sometimes vids are made for an audience of one: the vidder. What's a vid you made just for yourself?

vj: Staff

# Title Vidder Fandom Audio Duration URL
1 Fanfare for the Flying Woman valoise NASA RPF Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copeland and the London Symphony Orchestra 00:03:14 link
A celebration of women in flight, from 18th c. balloonist Sophie Blanchard to 20th c. aviators, ending with women in space
2 Rome starlady Star Trek: Discovery Rome by Yeasayer 00:03:48 link
My roommate: "You realize you're the only person who likes Lorca." Me: "Nuh-uh! Me and lizbee makes two!"
Content notes:
Major character death , Physical triggers (Sudden bright lights)
3 Holy Moses tbm Teen Wolf Holy Moses by Washington 00:03:36 link
Sexily dripping with blood.
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Flickering/flashing lights.) , Sexual content , Underage sex , Graphic violence , Sexual violence
Additional content notes:
Snake, syringes.
4 watchingyou BeatriceEagle Agents of SHIELD "Every Breath" by Dennis de Laat 00:03:19 link
I learned it by watching you.
Content notes:
Physical triggers (quick cuts, brief flashing lights, text moving on-screen) , Major character death , Graphic violence , Sexual violence
Additional content notes:
non-consensual kissing, implications of stalking and domestic violence
5 I Am a (Library) Scientist Tafadhali Multi (horror) I Am a Scientist by Guided by Voices 00:02:24 link
As a horror-loving librarian, my heart thrills whenever a character looks up "telekinesis" in a card catalog or searches a database to find out if their best friend is a succubus.
Content notes:
Physical triggers (some quick cuts and flashing lights)
6 Girl With One Eye AurumCalendula Black Widow (1987) Girl With One Eye by Florence + The Machine 00:03:38 link
I love the chemistry between the two leads and their cat-and-mouse game! I really wanted to highlight that in this vid (especially because afaik the fandom was/is nonexistent).
Content notes:
Physical triggers (some flashing lights in the source)
Additional content notes:
dub-con kissing
7 Good Grief pollyrepeat The Farewell Good Grief by Dessa 00:03:39 link
In spring 2021 I moved in with my grandma, and cared for her until she died. Making this vid was catharsis. My grief, my understanding of it, made just for me.
Content notes:
Major character death , Physical triggers (Rapid cuts)
Additional content notes:
Deals with terminal cancer and (implied) death of a grandparent, anticipatory grief and mourning. Depictions of illness are not graphic, but include some medical/diagnostic scenes. This is an Awkwafina film.
8 Haunting Rhea314 昭和元禄落語心中 | Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Haunting by Halsey 00:03:58 link
"I'm begging you, keep haunting me" or, Sad Theater Husbands feels
Content notes:
Major character death , Physical triggers (Flickering, flashing, strobing lights.) , Suicide
9 Adrenaline: a supercut lolathexxiii Vincenzo Adrenaline by Solar 00:01:46 link
Basically, I love the closing shots of each Vincenzo episode, and wanted to see what they'd look like all put together.
Additional content notes:
10 Kocaine Karolina vassalady Sabita Yoru Demo Koi wa Sasayaku Kocaine Karolina by Elle King 00:02:29 link
Yumi gets out of an abusive relationship and finds a new (old) love. This manga left me with so many feelings, I wanted to convey them in vid format for myself, even though it has no fandom.
Content notes:
Sexual violence , Sexual content
Additional content notes:
Domestic violence, physical abuse, drug references in song
11 Madame Guillotine sandalwoodbox The Untamed Madame Guillotine by The Scarlet Pimpernel 00:02:47 link
Mèng Yáo lives by a simple code. If you slight him and/or it's convenient for his plans, he'll kill you. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But it's definitely coming.
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Sped-up footage) , Major character death , Graphic violence , Sexual violence , Suicide
12 The Applicant JinkyO Person of Interest The Applicant by The Blue Aeroplanes 00:02:35 link
Harold needs a partner. Took ages to make because the lyrics are perfect, the sound of the song less so. Made it because I wanted to see this vid outside of my own brain.
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Rapid cuts between clips at the start)
13 Horny Angry Tango Periru3 Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw Horny Angry Tango by Cast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 00:01:14 link
This silly, silly vid was created exclusively to pander to me, my love of CXGF, and my fixation on this stupid, horny angry dynamic. Fully expected no one else to ever watch it.
Content notes:
Choose not to give content notes
14 It's raining men Just_a_K_really Good Omens It's raining men by The Weather Girls 00:00:32 link
This is the kind of silly little vid where my only excuse is "It had to be done..." 🤷‍♀️ I might even go back and do the whole song some day tbh, cause it makes so much sense in my head 😆
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Rapid cuts and strobing/flickering colours)
15 Disco Tits Trelkez Supernatural Disco Tits by Tove Lo 00:03:43 link
I was making a lot of SPN vids at this time and was constantly running into weird/fun/wacky-creepy clips I couldn't use, so I decided to make a vid of all the randomness I loved.
Content notes:
Alcohol or drug use
Additional content notes:
heavy drinking, implied drug use, serial killer fursuits, murder clowns, implied selfcest, general weirdness
16 The Bad Try sweetestdrain The Try Guys (webseries) The Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang 00:04:20
No one wanted this but I spent a long time making it anyway! An exercise in metaphor and de-metaphor.
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Occasional flashbulbs and brief moment of footage taken in a nightclub with flashing lights.) , Alcohol or drug use