2022 Premieres

A showcase of vids making their debut at the minicon.

vj: Trelkez & sweetestdrain

# Title Vidder Fandom Audio Duration URL
1 Icon JinkyO Dolemite Is My Name Icon Livin' [Remixed] by Cab Calloway + Jaden Smith 00:03:31 link
Creating ain't easy.
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Flashing lights)
2 Quiet Light Trelkez Ted Lasso Quiet Light by The National 00:04:05
I think about you and wonder if you are awake
Content notes:
Alcohol or drug use , Suicide
Additional content notes:
Onscreen panic attacks; themes of anxiety / depression / mental health / therapy. Grief, divorce, trauma, brief shots of emotional abuse by a parent. Suicide cw is for a canon off-screen storyline and implied sublimated suicidal ideation.
3 Royals Garrideb The Beatles Royals by Lorde 00:03:13
4 Haven't You Noticed I'm a Star Periru3 Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star) by Olivia Olson (Steven Universe Soundtrack) 00:01:07 link
This could also easily go in the Made For Me vidshow but I'll just put it here and call it a recruitment vid for a very fun cartoon
5 Golden Swallow AurumCalendula 大醉俠 | Come Drink With Me Market Place by Inon Zur 00:01:24
jianghu swashbuckling
Content notes:
Physical triggers (quck cuts, some sped up footage in the source)
6 Where Did You Sleep Last Night ohvienna Yellowjackets Where Did You Sleep Last Night by Sleigh Bells 00:02:22 link
We were kids. And it was awful.
Content notes:
Major character death , Sexual content , Underage sex , Graphic violence , Animal harm
Additional content notes:
Major Yellowjackets s1 spoilers. Graphic imagery of animals being skinned, gutted, and eaten. Brief onscreen depictions of pregnancy/attempted abortion/child birth.
7 cherubim bingeling Starsky & Hutch cherubim by serpentwithfeet 00:02:30 link
I get to devote my life to Him
Content notes:
Physical triggers (some bright flashing lights)
Additional content notes:
Satanism, snakes
8 Dream On tbm Teen Wolf Dream On by Depeche Mode 00:03:46 link
"Do you want to do homework, or do you want to not die?" A Scott McCall character study.
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Flashes, rapid visual distortion) , Graphic violence , Self harm , Suicide
9 Die Young BeatriceEagle Multi (CW, WB, and UPN) Die Young by Kesha 00:03:38 link
Oh, what a night.
Content notes:
Physical triggers (quick cuts, brief flashing lights) , Major character death , Sexual content
Additional content notes:
10 Baby One More Time findmeinthealps Cobra Kai/The Karate Kid Movies Baby One More Time by Britney Spears 00:03:31 link
Don't you know I still believe?
Content notes:
Alcohol or drug use
11 Mei Changsu is climbing the mountain (Why is he climbing the mountain?) sandalwoodbox 琅琊榜 | Nirvana in Fire Shatner Of The Mount by Fall On Your Sword 00:02:25 link
There is a... passionate affair going on between Mei Changsu and the Chiyan Case. Inspired by (and remixed from) The Mountain by Rhea314.
Content notes:
Major character death , Graphic violence , Alcohol or drug use , Self harm , Suicide , Physical triggers (Bright flashes of fire at ~0:20 and ~1:20, sped-up footage, slowed-down footage)
12 I Hate Everything But You Nestra Ted Lasso I Hate Everything But You by Skylar Astin 00:02:47 link
I detested most stuff and I still do.
13 Intermission TeleNature Nature Original Audio by TeleNature 00:10:00 link
Vidshow will resume in 10 minutes
14 Mystery Tour seekingferret The Afterparty Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles 00:02:31 link
The magical mystery tour is dying to take you away.
Content notes:
Major character death , Graphic violence , Alcohol or drug use
15 When We're Detectives valoise Only Murders in the Building When We're Detectives by Kal Penn and Utkarsh Ambudkar 00:01:14 link
Mabel, Oliver, and Charles team up.
16 Agatha All Up hollywoodgrrl Zola [2020] Agatha All Along x Up by DJ Lemon Fresh 00:02:20
From here on out - what every move this bitch makes.
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Quick cuts, strobing transitions.) , Sexual content , Graphic violence , Self harm
Additional content notes:
17 ...One More Time absternr/heliological Nirvana in Fire ...Baby One More Time by Britney Spears 00:02:39 link
oh baby, baby, how was I supposed to know?
Content notes:
Major character death
18 A Better Son/Daughter Januarium Ted Lasso A Better Son/Daughter by Rilo Kiley 00:03:40 link
You'll be better and you'll be smarter and more grown up And a better daughter or son and a real good friend
19 Tall Tall Shadow nu_breed 陈情令 | The Untamed (TV) Tall Tall Shadow by Basia Bulat 00:03:58 link
But there is no light that you can't live in Tear it apart Your old confession made in the dark Now every hour, change of heart You're running away But the shadow is yours
Content notes:
Major character death , Graphic violence , Physical triggers (Ultra fast cutting at 0:55 - 0:58 1:38 - 1:40 and fast dolly zoom: 2:25-2:26)
20 California Tafadhali Mad Men Going to California by Led Zeppelin 00:03:32 link
Don's going to California with an aching in his heart.
Content notes:
Alcohol or drug use
21 Iscariot Rhea314 나의 나라 | My Country: The New Age Iscariot by The Vassar Devils 00:04:40 link
Iscariot, you fool
Content notes:
Physical triggers (some quick cuts (.3 seconds and .4 seconds), flickering firelight) , Major character death , Graphic violence
22 Ride starlady The Matrix Resurrections Ride by Dessa 00:03:30 link
Your ride's coming.
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Sudden bright lights)
23 Extraterrestrial Rhea314 더 킹:영원의 군주 | The King: Eternal Monarch Extraterrestrial by Katy Perry 00:01:25 link
You're from a whole 'nother world.
Content notes:
Physical triggers (lightning flashing,)
24 Make U Dance lolathexxiii Vincenzo Make U Dance by Adora featuring Eunha 00:02:36
Round and round the merry-go-round
Content notes:
Physical triggers (quick cuts) , Graphic violence
25 Untitled Buffy Season 6 Project Periru3 & Tafadhali Buffy the Vampire Slayer I'll Be There For You by The Rembrandts 00:02:17 link
Buffy copes with resurrection and adulthood with some help from her friends.
Additional content notes:
Canon-typical violence, depression, and *metaphorical* substance abuse
26 Good Girls helcinda Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Good Girls by CHVRCHES 00:02:13 link
Is it easier when you don't have to start again When you don't want to make amends? I want to know that feeling
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Flashing lights, quick cuts) , Major character death
27 Heartbeat Trelkez Ted Lasso Heartbeat by David Cook 00:03:20
we know we are, we're sure we are
Content notes:
Alcohol or drug use