2020 Press Play to Start

A celebration of the many beautiful, gut-wrenching, and sometimes hilarious vids using footage from video games.

vj: elipie & Eunice

# Title Vidder Fandom Audio Duration URL
1 The Heroes' Journey thedeadparrot Multi (The Legend of Zelda) The Maelstrom by Jim Guthrie 00:01:44 link
2 Don't Stop Me Now SuperPaltos23 Undertale Don't Stop Me Now by Queen 00:03:50 link
Content notes:
I am submitting for someone else and no content notes are available
3 We're Here Because We're Here violace Journey Thin Air by Anathema 00:04:01 link
4 This Is How the World Ends Milly Horizon: Zero Dawn This Is How the World Ends by Kat Leon 00:03:36 link
Content notes:
Major character death
5 Scream & Shout rhoboat Assassin's Creed Scream & Shout by will.i.am, featuring Britney Spears 00:04:15 link
Content notes:
Physical triggers (flashing lights, some rapid cuts)
Additional content notes:
video game violence, lyrics NSFW
6 Reverse Dance AurumCalendula Dishonored (video games) Reverse Dance by Andrey Vinogradov 00:01:54 link
Content notes:
Physical triggers
Additional content notes:
body horror
7 Pop That Lock kuwdora Final Fantasy 7 Remake Pop That Lock by Adam Lambert 00:03:14
Content notes:
Physical triggers ( flashing and strobing lights and some fast cuts)
8 With Blood beccatoria Mass Effect Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons 00:03:46 link
Content notes:
Choose not to give content notes
9 Damn These Vampires lilly_the_kid Red Dead Redemption 2 Damn These Vampires by The Mountain Goats 00:03:30 link
Content notes:
Major character death , Graphic violence , Animal harm , Alcohol or drug use
10 Yellow Flicker Beat Mithborien Transistor Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde 00:03:47 link
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Flashing lights) , Suicide
11 All Star such heights LEGO Lord of the Rings All Star by Smash Mouth 00:03:21 link
12 Untitled Goose Vid thingswithwings, eruthros The Untitled Goose Game Bad Reputation by Joan Jett 00:01:56 link
13 Our House elipie The Sims Our House by Madness 00:02:33 link
Content notes:
Choose not to give content notes
14 Pop Galaxy AbsoluteDestiny Super Mario Galaxy Pop Culture by Madeon 00:03:22
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Video game footage with flashing colors and quick cuts)