2020 Please Scream Inside Your Vid

Vids made from a place of anger - about a show, a fandom, a situation, or the world.

vj: sweetestdrain

# Title Vidder Fandom Audio Duration URL
1 Future Nostalgia sisabet Terminator Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa 00:03:06 link
You want a timeless song, I wanna change the game
Content notes:
Physical triggers (Quick cuts and flashing lights) , Major character death , Graphic violence , Child harm
2 Hard Out Here Periru3 Mad Men Hard Out Here by Lily Allen 00:04:00 link
A tribute to Joan Holloway Harris and Peggy Olson, my favorite stone cold bitches in all of Mad Men
3 Good For You Trelkez UnREAL Good For You by Selena Gomez ft. A$AP Rocky 00:03:39 link
Then her mother gave her a knife, and said, "Cut a piece off your heel. When you are queen you will no longer have to go on foot."
4 Mineshaft Milly Game of Thrones Mineshaft by Dessa 00:01:12 link
The list of things I used to be is longer than the list of things I am.
Content notes:
Major character death , Sexual content , Sexual violence , Child harm , Alcohol or drug use
Additional content notes:
blood, violence against women
5 When Sorrows Encompass Me 'Round AurumCalendula Wynonna Earp When Sorrows Encompass Me 'Round by Crooked Still 00:02:58 link
"you can never really go home again"
Content notes:
Physical triggers , Major character death , Graphic violence , Child harm
6 Don't Lose Yourself sweetestdrain Doctor Who Don't Lose Yourself by Laura Veirs 00:03:39
One shining moment.
Content notes:
Choose not to give content notes
7 Demons walkthegale Warehouse 13 Demons by Imagine Dragons 00:02:57 link
H.G. Wells. This is my kingdom come.
Content notes:
Child harm
8 Possession bradcpu Legend of the Seeker Possession by Sarah McLachlan 00:04:30 link
"I follow without pride." Cara study, second half of season 2.
Content notes:
Choose not to give content notes
9 Shut Your Mouth sisabet Game of Thrones Shut Your Mouth by Garbage 00:03:26 link
try not to panic
Content notes:
Graphic violence
10 Get Down absternr X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past Get Down by P.O.S. 00:02:58 link
hey Darwin's death was pretty fucked up huh
Content notes:
Physical triggers (glitch effects) , Major character death , Graphic violence , Depictions of bigotry, hate crimes, and systemic oppression (deals with racism on a meta level, specifically the deaths of characters of color)
Additional content notes:
sexual objectification/harassment directed towards a sex worker
11 Praying Trelkez Alias Grace Praying by Kesha 00:03:46 link
And underneath that is another feeling still, a feeling of being torn open ... like a peach, too ripe, and splitting of its own accord. And inside the peach, there is a stone.
Content notes:
Graphic violence , Sexual violence
Additional content notes:
Domestic violence, sexual assault of a minor/teenager, violence in an 1800s asylum setting, themes of mental instability, off-screen abortion, and a great deal of threatening/intimidating/unwelcome behavior toward women.
12 Overcome sweetestdrain Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Overcome by Laura Mvula 00:03:14 link
What choice do we have? Made in mid-2017.
Content notes:
Choose not to give content notes