Main Events

Live Performance

Get down on Friday night with our featured wizard rock musical guest,Tonks and the Aurors

Singer with acoustic guitar
Magpie holding a paint brush

Night Market

event lead: Beth Hommel

Buy or sell fan wares in our art and crafts market. If you’re a maker of art, prints, stickers, knit crafts, shirts, buttons, jewelry, housewares, or other non-perishable goods, or if you run a fan organization you want to promote, this is a venue for you!

Vendor tables can be purchased during registration.

Sparkle Motion

event lead: AbsoluteDestiny

Wear your shiniest outfits and dance to the shiniest fanvids! Our Saturday night event is a three hour non–stop dance party. There will be brand–new fanvids alongside party favorites requested by attendees.

Drinks are available with a bar wristband and light appetizers can be enjoyed in a quieter banquet setting.

Bad Romance by sisabet, used with permission
Magpie holding a threaded needle

Cosplay Showcase

event lead: Bessyboo

Show off your costuming skills at our cosplay contest with workmanship judging and a runway show!

Vid Premieres

event lead: sweetestdrain and Trelkez

A showcase for premiering fanvids by con attendees. All kinds of fandoms and vid types are welcome.

Fic Reading

event lead: revolutionaryjo

Listen to and participate in live performances of fanworks read by podficcers.

Fic Book Club

event lead: elipie

A one-hour book club on Sunday morning, featuring a selection of fanfic in different genres. Chosen genres and fic selections will be announced prior to the con, with enough lead time for everyone who wants to participate to choose a genre and read the fic selection for it before the con. On Sunday morning, join your genre group for a fanfic discussion session!