FanWorks 2021 Events


Art & Crafting Track

Introduction to Watercolour

Interested in experimenting with a new medium in your fandom? This panel will introduce you to watercolours and cover basic colour theory. No artistic experience or background required.

Food as Fanwork

Have you ever baked a cellular peptide cake with mint frosting, recreated one of Hannibal’s dinner parties, or mixed up a pan galactic gargle blaster? Have you created recipes for fanworks you’ve made or enjoyed? Join us for a celebration of food and drink as fanworks. Bring your favorite recipes, share your food triumphs, and tell us your future meal plans.
Audio Track

Podfic 101: Audacity Workshop

A practical demonstration of how to edit a short podfic using Audacity geared toward anyone new to or interested in starting podficcing.
Community Track

Consuming Fanworks in the Worst Timeline

The pandemic changed everything, including how many of us interact with fandom. Reactions ran the gamut from people who consumed ravenously during quarantine to those who couldn’t engage with fanworks at all. Maybe you spent all your time rewatching your comfort vids; maybe you specifically sought out brand new content. Did you avoid pandemic & apocalypse-themed material or seek it out? Let’s have a conversation about how we experienced fanworks during these troubling times and how it’s changed us going forward.

Creating Fanworks in the Pandemic

The pandemic has affected everyone's ability to get shit done - some people haven't been able to create at all, where others have been able to spin out more than ever, due to a combination of factors - the state of our mental health and the amount of free time we have, among other things. This panel will be a conversation about how our motivation to create, and what we gravitate towards creating, has changed as a result of the pandemic.
General Track

FanWorks Wrap-Up

Video Track

The Scenic Route

It's easy to focus solely on characters when we make a vid, but the world in which they live can be just as important. Whether it's minimal use of establishing shots or a vid in which the background takes the forefront, how can vids best utilize shots of scenery -- oceans, mountains, cityscapes, etc. -- to add visual interest and symbolic or emotional depth to our understanding of the character or situation? What about other elements of setting such as long corridors, vast halls, and rooms either luxurious or stark? We'll explore some examples and discuss what setting can do for a vid and what works well.

Creative Vidsong Finding

So you want to make a vid. You have show/character/idea in mind but no song and no clue where to start. In this panel we will discuss the questions you can ask yourself to jumpstart the your search for your vidsong. From there we'll use your answers to show some effective methods for discovering music with the right tone (and maybe even lyrics) for your potential vid.

Elements of Musicality in Vidding

Music is an important part of vidding, but how does a well-crafted song shape our vidding choices? How do the elements that lift our emotions and make us want to put a song on repeat interact with visual clips to form a unified creative work? We'll talk about rhythm, structure, and more, and how we use these to express ourselves through vidding.

Structure of a Vidshow

Have you ever submitted a vid to a con and wondered how the VJ decided where to place it in the vidshow? We'll look at some of this year's vidder-submitted shows - Premieres, Year in Vids, and Vidder's Choice - and discuss their structure, flow, and the mechanics of putting together a vidshow when the vids have already been chosen for you.

Afternoon Events

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Evening Events

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