The FanFund is a financial assistance fund to help people attend the con who would not otherwise be able to do so.

How much funding is available will depend on how much is donated into the FanFund. Donations are crucial to making it possible for fans with financial need to attend FanWorks.

Donating to the Fund

Donations for this year's FanFund are currently closed.

Additional Info

We will try to fund as many people as possible. We can't guarantee that we will be able to fund everyone who makes a request, but we can't fund you if you don't ask; anyone who would need funding assistance to attend the con is strongly encouraged to make a request.

When filling out the form, you can indicate the absolute minimum it would take you to get to FanWorks (registration, hotel lodging, travel, or any combination of the three) and the amount of funding that isn't a requirement for attendance, but would significantly help. Please don't be afraid to request full funding if that's what it would take to get you to the con! We want you to ask for what you need.

The form will ask you whether or not you plan on having roommates (or if you would like to have some, but will need help finding them) - this information is only required if you request hotel lodging assistance, as it helps us estimate how much hotel funding you would need. The form also asks where you are traveling from, so that we can estimate flight or other travel cost (if you would prefer ground travel) based on your location.

Finally, the form asks what tracks you are interested in - this is to give us a better idea of how assistance requests are spread across our programming tracks. This doesn't in any way commit you to having to attend a track; it's just to gauge interest.

If we are able to fund requests for travel and lodging assistance, booking for hotel rooms and air or ground travel will be done by our FanFund assistance team, who will work with you to determine the travel times and arrangements that best suit your needs.